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Q. Can I still purchase my 'Own The Moment' 2022/23 season ticket via direct debit?

A. No. The club's direct-debit sales window for season tickets ended at the same time as the early-bird sales window - at 12.00am on Monday June 20. 

Q. How much does my 'Own The Moment' 2022/23 season ticket cost, if paying by direct debit? 

A. Direct-debit payment-plan 'Own The Moment' 2022/23 season tickets see the entire cost spread over the course of 12 months, free of interest and with no added charges. Prices are as follows:

£16.50 per calendar month - Adult 

£14.50 per calendar month - Senior

£14.50 per calendar month - Young Person

£10.50 per calendar month - Youth

£2.50 per calendar month - Junior 

Q. Will I receive a physical season-ticket card for the 2022/23 campaign - in line with previous season tickets? 

A. Adults, Senior Citizens and Young People will be presented with a digital ‘e’-season ticket ONLY for the 2022/23 campaign. This will be available to access through the official Bradford City AFC App, which can be downloaded by clicking HERE or HERE. Once you have signed in with your membership details, your QR code will allow you to scan through the turnstiles at the Utilita Energy Stadium for home matches. 

Youths and Juniors will automatically receive a physical season-ticket card in line with previous seasons, free of charge, but with a £5 per transaction delivery fee added (see below), as club rules state these supporters can only attend matches with a paying Adult. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your 2022/23 season ticket will not be loaded onto your Bradford City AFC App until the 2021/22 season has finished.

Q. I am an Adult, Senior Citizen or Young Person but am unable to use the Bradford City AFC App and do not have capacity to use a digital e-ticket. Can I still receive a physical season-ticket card? 

A. Yes. Physical season-ticket cards can be purchased for £5 on top of the cost of your season ticket, and delivered out to holders. Please note that each transaction online when purchasing physical season-ticket cards incurs a £5 delivery fee. For example, supporters purchasing two physical season-ticket cards will be charged an extra £15 on top of the cost of their season tickets and £1 Web Sales fee for the transaction (£5 for each physical card, and £5 delivery fee for the transaction, and NOT for each card). 

As stated above, Youths and Juniors will receive a physical season-ticket card free of charge, as club rules state these supporters can only be admitted with a paying Adult. These cards will still, however, incur a £5 delivery fee per transaction.  

For example, an Adult who purchases a physical season-ticket card along with two Junior season tickets, will be charged a total of £401 (£300 for the Adult season ticket, £1 Web Sales fee, £5 for the physical card, £45 each for the Junior season tickets (which will be physical season-ticket cards automatically) and £5 for delivery. 

An Adult who purchases a season ticket without the physical card, along with two Junior season tickets will be charged £396 (£300 Adult season ticket, £1 Web Sales fee, £45 each for Junior season ticket which will automatically be a physical card, and therefore £5 for delivery to cover the transaction and ensure the physical cards are posted out). 

Q. Is there any way for me to quickly, safely and easily track my direct-debit payments? 

A. Yes. All direct-debit payments can be tracked on the official Bradford City AFC App. Simply download the app by clicking HERE or HERE, log in using the same customer number and password you use to log in to our official ticketing website, and you will be able to access a plan of all monthly payments which have been paid and remain outstanding. PLEASE NOTE: This will only be available to view following the conclusion of the 2021/22 season, once you have set up a direct-debit mandate. 

Q. What happens if I do not pay my direct debit?

A. Should you fail to pay your direct debit, your season ticket will be suspended, your ticketing account will be placed in arrears and you will not be able to purchase a match or season ticket in future until your account is brought up to date with the outstanding payment(s). Your season ticket will also be stopped at the turnstiles of the Utilita Energy Stadium, and you will be denied access. Should your account not be brought up to date with payment(s) prior to the respective season ending, your seat will be released on general sale the following season. PLEASE NOTE: Where a balance is left outstanding, Bradford City AFC will pursue collection methods to ensure the balance is repaid in full.

Q. Do I have to pay over the course of 12 months, or can I pay quarterly, or every six months? 

A. All direct debit payments must be made once a month, and will be spread over the course of 12 months. 

Q. What day of the month will funds be taken from my account, should I pay via direct debit? 

A. On either the 1st or 15th day of each month. Supporters are able to choose which of these two options they would rather have funds taken from there account on when purchasing their season ticket via direct debit. There are no other dates available. 

Q. When will my first direct-debit payment be taken from my account?

A. Bradford City AFC needs a minimum of four working days after your initial direct debit application to register and claim your first payment. Therefore, funds will be taken on the next 1st or 15th day of the month (depending on which payment date you choose), which comes at least four days after your initial direct debit application. 

Q. Can I cancel my season ticket or direct debit payment part way through the season? 

A. No. You may amend your payment method from direct debit to another type, by contacting or visiting the ticket office at the Utilita Energy Stadium, but the outstanding balance must then be paid in full. The same answer applies to questions over whether a lump sum can be paid part way through the season, on top of funds which are being paid monthly. 

Q. Is this direct debit payment package a credit agreement? 

A. No. There is no credit agreement attached to this form of payment. It is a monthly subscription which can be cancelled or stopped at any time, at the supporter’s discretion, though the outstanding amount must then be paid in full. 

Q. Will I be credit checked upon application of the direct-debit scheme?

A. No. You will not be credit checked upon application for direct-debit payment, though your credit rating may be affected if a direct debit is returned unpaid.

Q. I have bad credit. Can I still apply for the direct-debit scheme?

A. Yes. Applications for Bradford City AFC’s direct-debit scheme are welcome from anyone aged 18 or over with a UK bank account.

To purchase your 2022/23 'Own The Moment' season ticket, please CLICK HERE.