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Q. How can I purchase my 'Own The Moment' 2022/23 season ticket? 

A. 'Own The Moment' season tickets for the 2022/23 campaign can be secured online - via the club’s official ticketing website - or in person by visiting the Utilita Energy Stadium Box Office. Season tickets can only be purchased over the phone, by calling the Valley Parade Box Office in 01274 770012, by disabled supporters, with this service not open to anyone else. 

Q. How much does my 'Own The Moment' 2022/23 season ticket cost? 

A. FROZEN early-bird prices - until 11.59PM ON SUNDAY JUNE 19:

£198 - Adult 

£174 - Senior

£174 - Young Person

£126 - Youth

£30 - Junior 

Prices from 12.01AM ON MONDAY JUNE 20:

£300 - Adult 

£260 - Senior

£260 - Young Person

£190 - Youth

£45 - Junior 

PLEASE NOTE: Each season-ticket transaction online incurs a mandatory £1 Web Sales administration fee, meaning an Adult season-ticket purchase will come to £199 in total. Those purchasing physical season-ticket cards (see below) will have this fee removed, and will instead have to pay a £5 postage cost. 

Q. How do I know if I am classed as an Adult, Young Person, Youth, Senior Citizen or Junior? 

A. Supporters will fit into the following categories, based on their age on MONDAY 1 AUGUST 2022

Adult - 24-64

Senior - 65 and above 

Young Person - 17-23

Youth - 12-16

Junior - 11 and under

Q. Will I receive a physical season-ticket card for the 2022/23 campaign - in line with previous season tickets? 

A. Adults, Senior Citizens and Young People will be presented with a digital ‘e’-season ticket ONLY for the 2022/23 campaign. This will be available to access through the official Bradford City AFC App, which can be downloaded by clicking HERE or HERE. Once you have signed in with your membership details, your QR code will allow you to scan through the turnstiles at the Utilita Energy Stadium for home matches. 

Youths and Juniors will automatically receive a physical season-ticket card in line with previous seasons, free of charge, but with a £5 per transaction delivery fee added (see below), as club rules state these supporters can only attend matches with a paying Adult. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your 2022/23 season ticket will not be loaded onto your Bradford City AFC App until the 2021/22 season has finished.

Q. I am an Adult, Senior Citizen or Young Person but am unable to use the Bradford City AFC App and do not have capacity to use a digital e-ticket. Can I still receive a physical season-ticket card? 

A. Yes. Physical season-ticket cards can be purchased for £5 on top of the cost of your season ticket, and delivered out to holders. Please note that each transaction online when purchasing physical season-ticket cards incurs a £5 delivery fee. For example, supporters purchasing two physical season-ticket cards will be charged an extra £15 on top of the cost of their season tickets and £1 Web Sales fee for the transaction (£5 for each physical card, and £5 delivery fee for the transaction, and NOT for each card). 

As stated above, Youths and Juniors will receive a physical season-ticket card free of charge, as club rules state these supporters can only be admitted with a paying Adult. These cards will still, however, incur a £5 delivery fee per transaction.  

For example, an Adult who purchases a physical season-ticket card along with two Junior season tickets, will be charged a total of £269 (£198 for the Adult season ticket, £1 Web Sales fee, £5 for the physical card, £30 each for the Junior season tickets (which will be physical season-ticket cards automatically) and £5 for delivery. 

An Adult who purchases a season ticket without the physical card, along with two Junior season tickets will be charged £264 (£198 Adult season ticket, £1 Web Sales fee, £30 each for Junior season ticket which will automatically be a physical card, and therefore £5 for delivery to cover the transaction and ensure the physical cards are posted out). 

Q. Am I still able to pay for my season ticket via direct debit?

A. Yes. The club’s direct-debit scheme will be running once again for 2022/23 season tickets, in the same format as last season. Payment will be split equally over the course of 12 months, and can also be tracked via the official Bradford City AFC App. Season tickets will only be available to purchase if paying via direct debit until 11.59PM ON SUNDAY JUNE 19, though will remain available through other payment means thereafter. For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions focused on the club’s direct debit offering, please CLICK HERE. 

Q. I am purchasing my 'Own The Moment' 2022/23 season ticket online but the ticketing website will not let me buy tickets for my friends and family, as well as my own. How do I do this? 

A. To purchase tickets for others at the same time as yourself, add your own season ticket and then select the ‘Friends and Family’ function on our official ticketing website. Once here, manually add the membership number of each supporter you would like to buy a ticket for. The system will automatically detect their ages and charge accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: Each supporter you wish to purchase for MUST have an account created on our official ticketing website in order for them to have a membership number which can be added through the ‘friends and family’ function. 

Q. Am I able to swap the seat I sit in with my 'Own The Moment' 2022/23 season ticket? 

A. Yes. Supporters who are renewing season tickets have until 12.01AM ON MONDAY JUNE 13 to renew their ticket in the seat they sat in during the 2021/22 season. After this date, supporters can swap seats to any vacant seat which has not been renewed until 11.59PM ON SUNDAY JUNE 19. Once you have chosen your seat, this will be assigned to you for the duration of the campaign.

Q. Is there a dedicated family section again this season? 

A. Yes, supporters looking for a more family-orientated atmosphere are advised to secure or renew their season ticket in The JCT600 Family Stand. 

Q. Can I purchase a suite upgrade for the season? 

A. Yes. Suite upgrades in The McCall Suite and The Hendrie Suite at the Utilita Energy Stadium are once again available to purchase for an extra £120 (Adult, Senior and Young Person) or £60 (Youth and Junior) per person (extra £10 or £5 per month respectively on direct debit). This can be secured either via our official ticketing website, or when purchasing from the Valley Parade Box Office. 

Q. Will the Utilita Energy Stadium Box Office be operating reduced hours over the Easter weekend?

A. The Valley Parade Box Office will be open for season-ticket sales over the following hours: 

Thursday April 14 - 5.00pm-8.00pm

Good Friday April 15 - 9.00am-12.30pm (open until kick-off at 3.00pm for match tickets)

Saturday April 16 - 9.00am-12.00pm  

Easter Sunday April 17 - CLOSED

Easter Monday April 18 - 10.00am-4.00pm 

Q. I have accrued a certain amount of loyalty points for the 2022/23 season based on my attendance at games in 2021/22. When will these start coming into effect?

A. Loyalty points will come into effect from this season, for away fixtures only. Full details on how the loyalty-point scheme will work this season will be confirmed in due course. 

Q. I have mobility issues and am unable to access the Box Office or purchase my season ticket online or over the phone. What can I do to secure my place? 

A. Supporters with issues securing a season ticket can visit The Yorkshire Payments 1911 Main Reception at the Utilita Energy Stadium, where the club is able to accept card payment for season-ticket purchases. This is open between 10.00am and 5.00pm Monday-Friday. Disabled supporters are also able to secure their season ticket by calling the Box Office at the Utilita Energy Stadium, on 01274 770012. 

To purchase your 2022/23 'Own The Moment' season ticket, please CLICK HERE.