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PLEASE NOTE: At the point of purchasing ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season tickets, supporters MUST confirm they abide by the spectators' code of conduct, ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket terms and conditions and any social-distancing guidelines. 

Q. How can I secure my ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket?

A. By visiting our official ticketing website, calling 01274 770012 or - as an alternative option - visiting the ticket office at the Utilita Energy Stadium. Where possible, supporters are urged to purchase ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season tickets online or by phoning the ticket office, due to COVID-19 social-distancing restrictions limiting the efficiency purchasing your season ticket in person, at the ticket office. 

Q. Will the ticket office still be open? 

A. Yes. The ticket office at the Utilita Energy Stadium will be open between the hours of 12.00pm and 5.00pm on Monday May 24. Thereafter, it will operate between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm from Monday to Thursday, 10.00am and 7.00pm on Friday and 9.00am and 12.00pm on Saturday. 

Q. If I do purchase from the ticket office at the Utilita Energy Stadium, will I receive a physical receipt? 

A. No. Differently to previous years, all receipts will be digital and e-mailed to supporters with the contact details held for your online ticketing account. Even those who purchase their season ticket in person at the Utilita Energy Stadium’s ticket office will receive an e-receipt, in order to try and limit the spread of COVID-19. Supporters are reminded to purchase their ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket either online or over the phone, in order to limit the amount of large queues and public gathering at the ticket office. 

Q. Has the price of a season ticket increased?

A. Yes. ‘Take Me Home’ season ticket prices have increased from £150 (Adults, Seniors, Students), £100 (Under-16s) and £25 (Under-11s) to £198 (Adult), £174 (Senior and Young Person), £126 (Youth) and £30 (Junior). ’25 Yearers’ will pay £120. The decision to increase season-ticket prices was based off a survey which was recently communicated through the club’s online channels. Out of close to 6,000 responses to the survey, more than 50% of supporters said they would prefer to pay between £150 and £199 for their season ticket. You can view the full results of the survey HERE. 

Q. How do I know if I am classed as an Adult, Young Person, Youth, Senior Citizen or Junior? 

A. Adults are aged between 24 and 64, Young People 17 and 23, Youths 12 and 16, Senior Citizens are aged 65 and above and Juniors 11 and under. To fit in one of these age bands, supporters must be at the respective age on 1st August 2021. 

Q. Can I pay for my ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket in monthly instalments?

A. Yes. There is a direct debit option available this season, for supporters who wish to pay for their season ticket through monthly instalments over the course of 12 months. Supporters will not be charged extra for choosing to pay for their season ticket in this way, meaning direct debit season tickets - over the course of 12 months - cost £16.50 (Adult), £14.50 (Senior and Young Person), £10.50 (Youth) and £2.50 (Junior). To view a page of Frequently Asked Questions - dedicated specifically to paying via direct debit - please CLICK HERE. Please refer to the video below for a step-by-step video tutorial on how to purchase via direct debit. 

Q. How long have I got to purchase my ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket? 

A. Supporters have an exclusive window to renew their ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket - with the seats they occupied during the 2019/20 season reserved - until Tuesday July 6. These seats will then be released on general sale on Tuesday July 6, until Saturday July 10. Up until July 6, supporters will also be able to swap their seat to one which is not at that time reserved, though from Tuesday July 6, all seats which have not yet been reserved will be released on general sale. Non season-ticket holders will be able to purchase a ‘Take Me Home’ season ticket during this window, though will only be able to choose a seat which has not been reserved by a current season-ticket holder at their time of purchase. ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season tickets will then go OFF SALE on Saturday July 10. 

Q. Will I be able to purchase a FLEXICARD for the 2021/22 season?

A. No. FLEXICARDs have been discontinued ahead of the 2021/22 season. Past FLEXICARD holders have the option to renew a full ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket, maintaining their seat from the 2019/20 season, at the aforementioned price.

Q. Does the ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ system from the 2020/21 season still apply? 

A. No. The ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ system will not be in effect during the 2021/22 campaign. 

Q. Can I purchase or renew a suite upgrade ahead of the 2021/22 season?

A. Yes. Suite upgrades in The McCall Suite, The Hendrie Suite, and the Bantams Bar will be once again available ahead of the 2021/22 season, and will be priced at an additional £120, or £10 per calendar month if paying via direct debit (Adult, Senior and Young Person), or an additional £60 (Youth and Junior), which equates to £5 per calendar month with a direct debit option. Suite upgrades will follow the same format as previous seasons, and can be purchased in the same way. Suite upgrades in The 2013 Suite will not be available during the 2021/22 season. ’25 Yearers’ will once again receive a free suite upgrade for the 2021/22 season, in either The McCall Suite, The Hendrie Suite or the Bantams Bar. 

Q. Will I still be adhering to social distancing in hospitality suites? How will I know this is safe? 

A. Hospitality suites will adhere to whatever COVID-19 social-distancing restrictions are in place with regards to indoor hospitality at the time of supporters being welcomed into them. The club will continue to work in accordance with government guidelines and monitor this over the course of the summer, ahead of potentially welcoming supporters back inside the Utilita Energy Stadium and hospitality suites from the 2021/22 campaign. 

Q. When it is ready, can I pick my ‘Take Me Home’ season ticket up from the Utilita Energy Stadium’s ticket office? 

A. No. All ‘Take Me Home’ season tickets will be posted out to supporters and will not be available for collection. Postage and delivery of season-ticket cards will incur a mandatory, flat £4.50 fee per transaction, meaning supporters must ensure their contact details are up to date on their official ticketing account. This can be done by CLICKING HERE. 

Q. Will I therefore be charged a delivery fee to have my season-ticket card posted to me?

A. Yes. There is a mandatory delivery fee of £4.50 per transaction when purchasing season tickets. In addition, if purchasing your season ticket online, a 'WebSale Fee' also means you will be charged an additional £1 per season-ticket card purchased. For example, if you purchased two Adult 'Take Me Home' 2021/22 season-ticket cards online, you would be charged a total of £402.50. This accounts for two season tickets at £198 each, a £1 'WebSale Fee' for each season ticket and a £4.50 delivery fee. 

Q. My ‘City For All’ 2020/21 season-ticket card had my wrong seat number on. Will I be able to sit in my usual seat from next season - and will my ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season-ticket card reflect this? 

A. Yes. Seats displayed on 2020/21 season-ticket cards were not accurate in relation to supporters’ usual seats due to social-distancing restrictions which were set to be in place at the time of supporters potentially being welcomed back inside the Utilita Energy Stadium. As communicated at that stage, ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season-ticket cards will display seats supporters sat in during the 2019/20 season - the last time supporters were inside the Utilita Energy Stadium - and this will carry over. The 2020/21 season has been treated in complete isolation with regards to the seats supporters were advised to sit in, and how this differed from their usual seats. 

Q. I am a disabled supporter. What do I do? 

A. Supporters who use a wheelchair can either phone 01274 773355 or visit the main reception at the Utilita Energy Stadium between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm - from Monday to Friday - to secure their season tickets. Ambulant disabled supporters must go through the aforementioned channels. Where a disabled spectator requires the support of a carer, a complimentary ticket for a specific seat near their position will be provided. The companion will be expected to provide any support required for the spectator, including assistance in the need of an emergency evacuation. For assistance purchasing ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season tickets, disabled supporters are asked to e-mail or - or phone 01274 773355. To view Bradford City AFC’s full accessibility plan, please CLICK HERE. 

Q. What is the 1903 Club, and how do I become a member? 

A. The 1903 Club is an all-new membership aimed at bringing supporters closer to Bradford City AFC. For just £35 (plus a standard £4.95 delivery charge), members will receive a whole host of exclusive benefits, including a membership pack - featuring a scarf, pin badge, pen (which are all unavailable to purchase elsewhere) and 100ml bottle of Official Bradford City MYDIS Hand Sanitiser, your name on a limited-edition fourth shirt - to be worn by the Bantams during the 2021/22 season - with in-store discount, breaking club news in advance of non-members, priority invites to exclusive club events - including fans’ forums and celebration evenings and a 20% discount on all 1903 Club apparel in The City Shop. For full details on the 1903 Club - and how to become a member - please CLICK HERE. PLEASE NOTE: 1903 Club membership packages will be taken OFF SALE - ahead of the 2021/22 season - at 5.00PM ON FRIDAY JULY 30. 

*via e-mail - up to five minutes before the news is broken online

Q. How much are upgrades for The 2013 Players’ Lounge? 

A. Numbers on upgrades for The 2013 Players’ Lounge are extremely limited, and supporters are advised to secure their place - which will be available when purchasing their ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket - as soon as possible, in order to avoid disappoint. This upgrade will be available for £250, with no concession prices available. For full details on The 2013 Players' Lounge, please CLICK HERE

Q. Can I purchase or renew a suite upgrade in The 2013 Suite? 

A. No. From the 2021/22 season, The 2013 Suite will be used as an exclusive players’ lounge which supporters can purchase an upgrade for, though will not be able to watch the match from here. Any supporters can purchase an upgrade for this package - irrespective of where they sit in the stadium. It will be open for pre-match hospitality before the game, and open once again after, where pass holders will be joined by players unwinding after the action. 

Q. I am a ’25 Yearer’, will I be able to redeem my free suite upgrade with a pass for The 2013 Players’ Lounge?

A. No. The 2013 Players’ Lounge is only available as an exclusive, additional upgrade, on top of a ’Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season ticket. 

Q. Will there be dedicated atmosphere and family sections of the Utilita Energy Stadium, during the 2021/22 season?

A. Yes. Those wanting to cheer on the Bantams from the atmosphere section are urged to purchase ‘Take Me Home’ 2021/22 season tickets in the upper tier of the North West Corner Stand. Those looking for a family-friendly experience, meanwhile, are encouraged to secure their seats in the (West) JCT600 Stand. For full details, please CLICK HERE.

Q. What if I have already renewed my season ticket elsewhere, but would like to move into the atmosphere section or family section? 

A. ‘Take Me Home’ season-ticket holders who have already secured a seat elsewhere in the stadium, will have the opportunity to switch their seat to any other in the ground which has not already been reserved. They can do so by visiting the ticket office at the Utilita Energy Stadium, e-mailing or phoning 01274 770012. From Tuesday July 6, all previously reserved sets which have not been claimed will then be released on general sale, meaning 'Take Me Home' season-ticket holders will have the opportunity to switch to these seats, should they wish, in the same way as discussed above. 

Q. Is it safe for me to attend matches at the Utilita Energy Stadium?

A. We will only open the stadium to supporters once the government have confirmed it is safe to do so - and we have developed the operations plan in conjunction with local authorities. Please consider any individual health risks and read the supporters code of conduct when deciding if it safe for you to attend. Bradford City AFC will continue to act on government guidance with regards to COVID-19 restrictions, and closely monitor circumstances over the course of the summer, before potentially admitting supporters inside the Utilita Energy Stadium from the beginning of the 2021/22 campaign. 

Q. How will I know if it is safe for me to attend games?

A. Members of the public must themselves take responsibility to decide whether or not to attend, based on their health, susceptibility to infection and the potential risks. For the latest government advice, please visit:

Q. Will COVID-19 restrictions still be in place when I return to the Utilita Energy Stadium? Will I need to wear a face mask and remain socially distant from others?

A. Bradford City AFC will continue to work in-line with government advice and restrictions with regards to the threat of COVID-19. Only at the point of the club being in a position to welcome supporters back inside the Utilita Energy Stadium will guidance and advice be published on what social-distancing measures must be obeyed when back inside the stadium. 

Q. What will happen if the government are still restricting sporting venues to operate on reduced-capacity crowds during sporting events at the time of the 2021/22 season starting - or making events be played behind closed doors - and I am not allowed back inside the Utilita Energy Stadium?

A. Further communication will be made to supporters with regards to how a solution on who is able to attend matches is reached. Should this be the case, the club will endeavour to ensure the most fair and even breakdown of fixtures is implemented as possible, in an attempt to make sure supporters are able to attend an even number of matches as far as possible. In the event of any matches which, for any reason, have to be played out of view of the public - or supporters not be granted access due to COVID-19 restrictions - the club will look to arrange an alternative method to watch the game. There is a possibility this could once again take the form of iFollow video match passes for each of the club’s home fixtures, with the club providing an alternative until the point supporters are able to be welcomed back into the Utilita Energy Stadium once more. If this proves impossible, supporters will be entitled to receive a pro-rata refund on account for the value of that particular match(es). Any refunds onto account will be allocated prior to season tickets going on sale ahead of the 2022/23 campaign. In order to obtain a refund, should the above scenario arise, supporters will be asked to e-mail