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Human Relief Foundation - Official Charity Partner of Bradford City AFC

As a football club which has known highs and lows, we fully understand the positive impact a supportive community can have in difficult times. But we know support is not always there for everyone. When that is the case, charities often plug the gap.

It can be lifesaving work. Literally. So, when the opportunity to partner with Human Relief Foundation (HRF) - a local international humanitarian NGO which has been supporting individuals and communities affected by conflict, poverty or environmental disaster for 30 years - Bradford City AFC was extremely proud and keen to support its fantastic work. 

Here is a little more information on HRF, the fantastic work it continues to perform, and how Bradford City AFC aims to join it in helping people around the world...

We Shoot, We Score

Life is hard in the Northern Region of Ghana - where poverty, economic instability, and water scarcity dog each day. Education is makeshift, women and children spend hours every day collecting water for their families, and want is everywhere. 

To give children a good educational start, and keep people healthy, we want to build a school and playground, sink a deep tube well that will provide clean, safe, water, for everyone, and a football pitch for the community.

Achieving this will require HRF’s expertise, and the power of YOU - in an aid project that will transform a community in rural Ghana. 

At £69,500, it is not cheap, but it is eminently doable. And the impact is massive. In simple terms, if every 'Take Me Home' 2021/22 season-ticket holder contributed £5.47 each, it would have been done in next-to-no time. 

Please CLICK HERE to visit our official HRF JustGiving page and make a donation - to help us reach our £69,500 target. 

The Bantams Overseas Aid Deployment?

"The deployment was a life-changing experience. The HRF staff told me that the person whose life you will change the most is your own, and now I believe them. The week was incredible." (Sue Brooke, Deployment Volunteer Fundraiser)

We will be organising an overseas humanitarian aid deployment with HRF to assist Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Led by HRF, and involving BCAFC staff, we would like a select few of you to join us.

Particularly, if you are looking to take a two-footed, take-no-prisoners, eyes-wide leap into the world of fundraising, and aid work. It is an experience like no other, for you cross the divide between fundraiser and humanitarian aid worker.

When you have completed your fundraising, you will deploy abroad as a key member of the team - distributing essential aid to those in need. Your week-long journey will provide you with a unique opportunity to see and hear, first-hand, how your fundraising efforts change lives. 

Yorkshire Born and Yorkshire Bred - HRF

Bradford is our home. A home that has, since the early 90s, been the springboard for our humanitarian work. During these three decades, we have spent our time working on projects that relieve human suffering in some of the most deprived regions of the world. And some of the least deprived. For suffering and need are also found in more affluent countries. 

Our projects have covered the full spectrum of aid work, from the bread and butter of food programmes and emergency disaster response, to community support work, and we work with an enviable list of humanitarian heavyweights, from the World Food Programme, to the UNHCR, UNICEF, the European Union, UN-Habitat, The World Health Organisation, and many others.

Please CLICK HERE to visit our official HRF JustGiving page and make a donation - to help us reach our £69,500 target. 

For the 2022/23 season, all official charity requests for Bradford City AFC must be made through the club's Community Foundation. For full details on the work this does, and to get in touch, please CLICK HERE