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Club News


13 June 2016

Club News


13 June 2016

We sat down with City defender James Meredith to get to know a bit more about him. This feature was seen in the official match day programme 'The Parader' during last season.

Each letter of the alphabet represents a different question, which was answered by the Australian full back.

Note | These questions were asked prior to the Walsall home fixture last season (23rd April 2016).

A | Age -How old were you when you first started playing football?

Meredith: 'I first started playing football when I was 7 years old in the school yard.'

B | Brand - What is your favourite brand of clothing?

Meredith: 'I like Nike. I'm a big Nike fan actually.'

C | Car -What car do you drive?

Meredith: 'I drive an Audi.'

D | Drink -What is your favourite drink?

Meredith: 'Orange Juice.'

E | Education -What is the name of the school you went to?

Meredith: 'Scotch College in Melbourne.'

F | Food -What is your favourite food?

Meredith: 'I like well-cooked fish. A well-cooked Salmon.'

G | Goal -The best goal you have ever seen or scored?

Meredith: 'I like Thierry Henry's goal, when he turns on the edge of the area with his back to goal and knocks it in with his second touch (vs Manchester United, October 2000).'

H | Home -What place do you call home?

Meredith: 'Melbourne, Australia is home.'

I | International -Who do you think will win the EUROs this summer?

Meredith: 'Hopefully England so they can stop moaning for once.'

J | Joke -Tell us a joke.

Meredith: 'Skip that one (Laughs)...My tooth is a joke!'

K | Kit -What is the nicest kit you have seen this season?

Meredith: 'I like our black away kit.'

L | League One - What is the best thing about League One?

Meredith: 'It's a good all-round league.'

M | Music -What's your favourite song at the moment?

Meredith: '7 years by Lukas Graham.'

N | Numbers -Do you have a favourite number and why?

Meredith: '3 has always been my favourite number, it's always been my lucky number and it just so happens that it's usually the left back's number as well.'

O | Opposition -The best opposition stadium you've played at?

Meredith: 'I'd probably say Stamford Bridge, Chelsea.'

P | Premier League -Who do you think will win the Premier League?

Meredith: 'I think Leicester will win it.'

Q | Quick -Who's the quickest player you've ever seen?

Meredith: 'Theo Walcott was frighteningly quick when he was a youngster, I'd probably say him.'

R | Retired -If you could pick one retired player to play alongside you, who would it be?

Meredith: 'Ryan Giggs.'

S | Sport -What is your favourite sport other than football?

Meredith: 'Australian Rules Football.'

T | Team -What team did you support growing up?

Meredith: 'In Australia I support a team called South Melbourne, and in England I've always supported Man United.'

U | Underrated -Who is the most underrated player out there?

Meredith: 'Marcus Rashford. I think he's quite underrated.'

V | Victory -What's the best win you have ever been a part of?

Meredith: 'I'd have to say the win at Chelsea; that was fantastic.'

W | World -Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Meredith: 'I like New York City, I'd love to go there again.'

X | Xavi or Iniesta?

Meredith: 'Iniesta.'

Y | Yours -What is your most prized possession?

Meredith: 'Probably my watch, because my dad gave it to me for my 21st birthday and it's quite sentimental to me.'

Z | Zoo -If you could be any animal, what would it be?

Meredith: 'You've got to be a Lion haven't you?'

The video feature is available to watch on Bantams Player HD.

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