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PLEASE NOTE: Answers to the below questions ONLY come into effect should the Bradford district be under tier 2 COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, allowing 2,000 spectators socially distanced inside the Utilita Energy Stadium for home fixtures. 

PLEASE NOTE: At the point of securing tickets, supporters MUST confirm they abide by the supporters code of conduct, ticket terms and conditions and social-distancing guidelines. 

Q. How can I secure my tickets for games which will admit spectators - once Bradford is in tier 2?

A. By visiting our official ticketing website. We are unfortunately unable to process orders over the phone or take bookings at the Utilita Energy Stadium’s ticket office, which remains CLOSED. Therefore, please visit to secure your tickets. This is in line with COVID-19 track and trace regulations. 

Q. How does the ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ fixture list work?

A. ‘City For All’ 2020/21 season-ticket holders have been split in half - and either have a ‘Claret’ or ‘Amber’ season-ticket card. The remainder of City’s 2020/21 fixture list has also been evenly split into ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’, meaning only supporters with the corresponding colour of season ticket can attend the respective fixture. For each match, tickets will be available to secure on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS to supporters who have the corresponding colour season ticket, via our official ticketing website. Once 2,000 places have been claimed inside the Utilita Energy Stadium for a selected fixture, tickets will be made unavailable to purchase. From there, the remainder of the ‘Claret’ season-ticket holders will have a priority window for the next ‘Claret’ fixture in which to secure their individual match tickets, before they are then once again made available to the remainder of the ‘Claret’ season-ticket holders. This same process is repeated for ‘Amber’ fixtures and season-ticket holders. 

Q. How do I find out if I am ‘Claret’ or ‘Amber’?

A. To find out if you have a ‘Claret’ or ‘Amber’ season-ticket card and therefore know whether or not you will be eligible to secure tickets for the Cambridge United fixture, please check your ‘City For All’ season-ticket card. These are currently in the process of being distributed. Should you have not yet received your ‘City For All’ 2020/21 season-ticket card, please sign in to your online ticketing account and check the 'Purchase History' section underneath the ‘My Account’ tab. If you are still unable to find out whether you are a ‘Claret’ or ‘Amber’ season-ticket holder, please - as a last resort - e-mail with your full name and season-ticket customer number. 

Q. So am I guaranteed to attend every other fixture my season-ticket allows me to, and one in every four home matches? 

A. Not necessarily. If every ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ season-ticket holder manages to secure a ticket for the first two fixtures each, we expect there to be a small number of ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ season-ticket holders who have been unable to secure their place, such is the demand. In this case, for the THIRDClaret’ and ‘Amber’ fixtures, priority access will be given to supporters who have so far proved unable to secure a ticket. This means season-ticket holders, at the very least, are guaranteed access to one in every three ‘Claret’ or ‘Amber’ fixtures. 

Q. Do I need to go on the website to secure my tickets for every game? 

A. Yes, but once you have managed to secure your first ticket, to the first game you attend, you will already have been placed into a priority category, meaning that for future fixtures, you do not have to worry about securing tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. All you need do from here is log in to your account on our official ticketing website and secure your ticket within your respective priority window.

Q. Do I have to pay postage for my tickets?

A. No, but for every transaction, a £1 administration fee is charged as standard. Besides this, the individual match ticket is effectively a free ticket stub which allows you access to the fixture in question. It makes the matchday experience easier, and has the same effect as a standard match ticket for a cup fixture, for example. Without this ticket, you will not be granted access to the respective fixture. 

Q. Can I pick my tickets up from the Utilita Energy Stadium’s ticket office? 

A. No. Individual match tickets will then be posted out to each supporter from Monday December 14 - ahead of the Cambridge fixture. This means each season-ticket holder’s contact details MUST be up to date on the club’s official ticketing website - in order to receive the ticket and obtain admission into the Utilita Energy Stadium for the match. Supporters are therefore politely asked to update the home and e-mail address on their online ticketing account, should this not be correct, with this also assisting the club for track and trace purposes ahead of fixtures in which spectators will be housed. 

Q. What happens if we get moved into tier 2 on Wednesday December 16 - and the tier 2 restrictions come into effect before Saturday October 19?

A. All tickets secured for the Cambridge United fixture on Saturday December 19 will be valid, and we will welcome 2,000 spectators into the Utilita Energy Stadium for the fixture. The club will also make tickets available for the second 'Claret' fixture - at home to Morecambe on Saturday 2 January 2021 - to all supporters who did not manage to secure their place at the Cambridge fixture. Tickets will also be made available to the first 'Amber' fixture - against Port Vale on Tuesday December 29 - following the same process as 'Claret' fixtures. For the next ‘Claret’ fixture - against Morecambe on Saturday 2 January 2021 (3.00pm), ‘Claret’ season-ticket holders who were unable to secure their place at the Cambridge United match will have an exclusive window to ensure they attend this game, via the club’s online ticketing website. This same pattern will be followed with each 'Amber' fixture - for season-ticket holders who qualify for those respective fixtures. 

Q. What happens if we do not get moved into tier 2 on Wednesday December 16 - or the tier 2 restrictions do not come into effect until after Saturday October 19?

A. The ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ fixture schedule will be re-drafted and the majority of the measures explained on this page will not come into effect. Supporters will be able to claim a £1 refund on the transaction fee paid for their Cambridge United ticket - by e-mailing Supporters will not be admitted into this fixture and restrictions will remain as they currently are. 

PLEASE NOTE: The club acknowledges an error within our ticketing system which charged supporters £4 per transaction when attempting to secure Cambridge United tickets. The overcharge will be refunded back into supporters' accounts as soon as possible

Q. So I can’t use my season-ticket card to get into games?

A. No. ‘City For All’ 2020/21 season-ticket cards are effectively useless for as long as COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, and the ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ fixture model is being followed. Your season-ticket card will not grant you access to any games as it normally would. The only thing that will do this is an individual match ticket - secured via the club’s online ticketing website. 

Q. Can I sit in my usual seat? My season-ticket card has the wrong seat number on, and currently says I will be sitting in a seat I should not be. 

A. Due to COVID-19 social-distancing restrictions, ‘City For All’ season-ticket holders are not guaranteed to be able to sit in their usual seats. The only areas inside the Utilita Energy Stadium which tickets are available to be secured in - while under tier 2 restrictions - are the lower tier of The Kop (North) and The Mamma Mia (East) Stand. Supporters are asked, when securing tickets, to select which stand they would like to be seated. Our online ticketing system will then automatically allocate each supporter with a socially-distanced seat. 

Q. How do I make sure I’m sat with my friends and family - within my social bubble? 

A. In order to ensure you are seated together, supporters are asked to use the ‘Friends and Family’ option on the club’s online ticketing service, in order to register more than one person together. All match tickets, providing they were purchased on the same transaction, will be delivered to the lead purchaser - at their up-to-date address. 

Q. Will these measures affect my ability to sit in the seat I did prior to restrictions coming into play?

A. The 2020/21 season will be treated in complete isolation with regards to seating. The seat renewal window will operate as normal if and when restrictions are fully lifted. Each supporter will then have the opportunity to renew their season ticket in the seat in which they sat during the 2019/20 campaign by default and will have the opportunity to change seats, should the seat they wish to move to be available. If this does not occur until the 2021/22 season, supporters’ renewal rights will be based on the 2019/20 campaign.

Q. Will my iFollow season pass still be honoured?

A. Each ‘City For All’ 2020/21 season-ticket holder will have complimentary access to each of City’s home Sky Bet League Two matches until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted to the point where all season-ticket holders are all to be safely housed inside the stadium at the same time. The iFollow element of the season ticket will therefore remain the same as it has done so far this season, for the immediate future. 

Q. I am a disabled supporter. What do I do? 

A. Wheelchair supporters can both phone 01274 773355 or visit the main reception at the Utilita Energy Stadium on Thursday or Friday to secure their tickets. Ambulant disabled supporters must go through the aforementioned channels. All disabled supporters MUST still have either a ‘Claret’ ‘City For All’ 2020/21 season-ticket card, however, in order to secure tickets for the Cambridge fixture. 

Q. I have got a ‘Claret’ season-ticket card but feel I should have ‘Amber’ / vice versa. What should I do? 

A. If you feel there is a problem with your ‘City For All’ 2020/21 season-ticket card, with regards to its ‘Claret’ or ‘Amber’ classification, please e-mail 

Q. Can I still use hospitality facilities at the Utilita Energy Stadium on a matchday? 

A. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, all suite-upgrade facilities within the Utilita Energy Stadium - including the Bantams Bar - will remain CLOSED on home matchdays.

Q. What time can I arrive at the Utilita Energy Stadium on a matchday?

A. The club will operate a staggered entry/exit time procedure for all supporters on a matchday. Full details and times of this policy will be communicated at a later date, nearer to the date of the fixture. It is likely this could fluctuate on a game-by-game basis. 

Q. Is it safe for me to attend matches at the Utilita Energy Stadium?

A. We will only open the stadium to supporters once the government have confirmed it is safe to do so - and we have developed the operations plan in conjunction with local authorities. Please consider any individual health risks and read the supporters code of conduct when deciding if it safe for you to attend.

Q. How will I know if it is safe for me to attend games?

A. Members of the public must themselves take responsibility to decide whether or not to attend, based on their health, susceptibility to infection and the potential risks. For the latest government advice, please visit:

Q. Do I need to wear a face mask?

A. Yes. Face masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES in the Utilita Energy Stadium - including when passing through the turnstiles - unless you have a legitimate reason not to. For health, age and equality reasons, ‘legitimate reasons’ to not wear a mask include - but are not limited to - if you are a young child under the age of 11 (Public Health England does not recommended face coverings for children under the age of three for health and safety reasons), you have a a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability, if it will cause you severe distress to either put on, remove or wear, if you are travelling with or providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading to communicate, to avoid harm or injury, or the risk of harm or injury, to yourself or others, to eat or drink if reasonably necessary, in order to take medication, or if a police officer or other official requests you remove your face covering. PLEASE NOTE: Staff or relevant employees may also ask you to remove your mask for identification purposes. Sunflower lanyards for the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme denotes the wearer carries a hidden disability and is therefore not required to wear a mask, though it is a personal preference for these individuals to wear masks or indeed sunflower lanyards.

Q. Do I need to socially distance?

A. Yes. At all times in the Utilita Energy Stadium, you must stick to the relevant social-distancing guidelines. Seats will be set out in a socially-distanced manner and supporters - via the details on their individual match tickets - will be made to sit in seats which are socially distant from one another in order to enjoy the match. 

Q. Can I purchase food and drink in the concourse at the Utilita Energy Stadium?

A. Unfortunately, food and drink will not be available to purchase inside the Utilita Energy Stadium, though we are working with the local authorities and catering companies to ensure food and drink can be purchased outside the Utilita Energy Stadium on matchdays.

Q. Will toilets be open?

A. Yes. All concourse toilets will remain open while adhering to social-distancing requirements.

Q. What measures are in place to ensure my safety in the Utilita Energy Stadium?

A. You may have your temperature checked, and all supporters must all be prepared to have their temperature tested at any point upon entry to the Utilita Energy Stadium. Also, there will be socially-distanced queue-management systems at turnstiles and the The City Shop, proposed allocated and staggered suggested arrival times which will be further communicated in due course, hand sanitiser provided on entrance to the stadium and toilets, hand towels provided in all toilets (hand driers are not recommended as they can disperse air and spread viruses), matchday cleaning crew who will sanitise touch points and ensure toilet facilities and paper towels are kept replenished, implementation of a new supporters code of conduct, face masks to be worn at all times when not seated (unless an individual has a legitimate reason not to, see above), extra stewarding to ensure the safe circulation of supporters in and around the stadium, closed kiosks and concessions to avoid large queues and bottlenecks within concourse areas, one-way systems as you exit the stadium (and staggered entry/exit times - full details on this will be published in due course) and a seat-sanitisation programme to take place after every game.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the ever-changing nature of current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions - and as a result of ongoing conversations with the relevant local and national governing bodies - all of the above information could be set to change.